The movement for discarding the Chinese goods will invigorate self-respect and self-dependence: Govindacharya

Shri K.N. Govindacharaya, the founder of Rashtriya Swabhiman Aandolan, expressed in the context of the nationwide awakening movement – “Say No to China”, “Be Bhartiya Buy Bhartiya” that this movement will strengthen the national self-respect and self-dependence both.


If we have a glance at the past history and geography for the last two hundred years, we will come to know that on one side where the Chinese boundaries have expanded, the boundaries of India have shrunk. China is an expansion-oriented nation whereas India has never tried to trespass any country’s territory. Disputes have increased on the borders of India, Bhutan and China in the recent days. China is making use of threatening language too. This movement of discarding the Chinese good shall prove as a fitting reply to China by the Indian masses. He persuaded the countrymen to support this movement.


The convener of the movement, Pawan Srivastav expressed that this movement is the SHANKHNAAD of the feelings of Indian people. He appealed to the workers of the movement for ensuring participation of maximum numbers of people in burning the HOLI of the Chinese goods.


The young leader of the movement, Abhimaniyu Kohar appealed to the workers to act as the representatives of the Samajsatta and take charge of the movement at every place.


  1. V. Biju, the convener of the Swadeshi Movement swayed to discard the Chinese goods and use only the indigenous ones.


National General Secretary, Basavraj Patil, while highlighting the extended shape of the program informed that ‘Swabhiman Samvad’, ‘Sankalp March’ and ‘Swabhiman Sabha’ would be organized at maximum number of places across the country. After the meeting, burning of the Chinese goods shall be initiated wherein the locals will burn the items of China brought by them from their homes.

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